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Anna Ursyn
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artist statement

Long day of errands in the City
Memories seen against the light
Times and places in order again

My major idea is to juxtapose the regularity of shapes in nature with man-made constructions using various perspectives and points of view. I work in series. This series of my works is entitled New York - New York. Seeing New York as one of the world's wonders, I provide a pictorial representation of interrelationships typical for the Big City. Everybody perceives in different light and from a different perspective. Several levels of order can been depicted here: an order determined by man, by proper positioning buildings or windows in a building, repetitive arrangement of objects, such as cars orderly placed on a parking lot, or natural patterns, such as a regular arrangement of leaves. My purpose is to document some indescribable events are revealed to us randomly but regularly every day. Our typical routines repeat in cycles with great empathy. All the commotion, turmoil, confusion, and individual interests are expressed and perceived with great intensity.