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Viktor Koen
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technical statement

The digital, on-screen process of creating the images, follows numerous pencil studies that determine concepts and compositions. Majority of the raw photographic components originate from vintage prints, digital photography and stock. The digital files are finally enlarged by 400% and printed digitally on 44'x60' canvases by a 6 color laser plotter printer. Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 is used to connect and manipulate old and new sources into seamless visuals. Only the basic set of software filters and effects are utilized on the multi-layered files, completed in grayscale before they are colored. As a traditionally trained artist, I always preferred acrylic pigments to oil because my technique required endless layering in order to get texturally and tonally dense surfaces. I painted on both sides of acetate sheets and the result resembled experimental animation cells. I found the computer has given me the transparent-layered results that I liked and the ability to incorporate photographic materials that I believe are essential to my work, in order to create surreal, yet momentarily believable images.