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Atshushi Kasao
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artist statement
Webcam Arts were created to visualize the result of my experience and communication through the Internet. On the web, many interesting web cameras are set around world and some of them have controllers to pan around and zoom on the browser. We can see a lot of scenery and people from web cameras. Almost all of the cameras send small and poor quality images to us. We can feel, however, beauty from the image by a stretch of the imagination. This imagination motivated me to create pieces from web cameras. That's why I might be called a net-travel painter.

If I were a "real" travel painter, people around me would stop to look at my paintings and talk about them. To know how the web-cam owners feel about my works, I showed them my pieces and asked them to send back some comments about my work. I record their comments. If a webcam owner wants a copy of the work, a poster-sized copy is sent.

I used original rendering software SIC (Synergistic Image Creator) to create Webcam Art. SIC can enlarge the work in any scale. Sapporo was created from a web camera set at northern island in Japan. A Japanese recorded comment was, "A live camera sends just photo pictures, so I think we never stop the time in a web camera. However, it is a good idea to make a CG from a web camera, because the scenery created by CG convey the different feeling and atmosphere and make appreciators have desire to know real scenery; Dosanko site web camera administrator.