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Tahir Hemphill

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"Living Audio" is the print that started this whole series. I began working on new project designing high contrast graphics in Photoshop, with the desire to recombine my photographs and other source material into an image that was digital with an analog aesthetic. After working for an hour the file used up the computer's free memory and it started crashing. Each time I pushed the button on the mouse the computer would sample part of the image and randomly move this square shape to another part of the grid. I began to see a pattern emerge and the connection between my input and the output on the screen. I printed out each new image, scanned the printouts and used them to design my final graphic. I distilled each piece down to 4 separate colors. Negatives were made of each color and plates were made from the negatives. I have produced serigraphs and etchings of the designs. Taking advantage of the pure random nature of the glitch in the computer system, I used this process as the conceptual framework for the whole series

"Living Audio: Noise Making Machines." In each subsequent design I draw from the random multi-layering and repetition employed by the first experience.