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Bathsheba Grossman
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artist statement
I'm a digital sculptor, using metal and glass to create abstract geometries in space. This work explores order in space: tensions between inside and outside, the point at zero and the point at infinite distance, how the dimensional axes can be alike and different. I got interested in these things as an undergraduate in mathematics, wanting to cross over from formal abstractions into working with physical shapes, and sculpture gave me the way.

I'm often asked whether these pieces are based on logic or intuition. If this is a multiple-choice question, it's not an easy one: let's say that my intuition operates with mathematics at the back of its mind. The process is pure analog - I push things with my hands until they look good to my eyes - but the results show that my creative engine is inextricably fused with geometrical intuition. My work is to explore and extend the fertile region between sculpture and mathematics