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Jeff Brice
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technical statement

The computer lies at the core of this series of work. The inspiration for this body of work comes from recent scientific discoveries that would be categorized as post-structuralist. The Post-structuralist paradigm has come about largely due to the immense number crunching ability of the digital computer and so really is a philosophy born of the computer age. So it seems only fitting to use the computer as a tool to talk about these new ideas. I begin by creating a graphic vocabulary drawing inspiration from scientific artifacts such as diagrams, satellite photos, market analysis graphs, etc. I create the simple geometric elements using the postscript graphics program Freehand. Freehand allowed me to create elements that are very precise allowing the elements to line up properly when placed on a grid. Working in postscript also allows me to import the graphics into Fontographer; a program that can create font sets. I then use Fontographer to create font sets of graphic elements. I have created half a dozen or so fonts with names such as Vector, Connectionist, Rhizo, Neural net, Crop Circle and AI. Putting the elements into Fontographer helps automate the process of layering and reinforces the language and machine aspect of the process. I am then ready to build the pieces.I create the final pieces in Freehand again. Freehand has excellent layers control and of course keeps the process in postscript.