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Stan Bowman
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artist statement

I am a digital artist and a painter. Beginning in the 1980's my work has been about peculiar juxtapositions of everyday objects into unusual and fascinating combinations. Having started my work in photographs, I now continue with digital compositions. My recent work is about separating everyday objects and grouping them into a new context.

Fuses and fishing lures create a provocative contrast, and a plastic inflatable owl with zippers is an intriguing combination. A pair of jumper cables grips a pair of socks, mysteriously. All are against a black spatial background, emphasizing improbable fantasies.

On one hand, it is the throw away character of our culture today which catches my eye and interest and causes me to use everyday objects that become something else when scanned and collaged into a digital image.

Secondly, it is my delight to create surprising juxtapositions of objects that keep my interest and hopefully those of other viewers.

Thirdly, I am interested in creating a flight of fancy, a world that is dream like, with commonplace objects that are pictured clearly but change meaning by being in a new and different context.

Finally, I am a colorist, creating emotive worlds that establish and embellish the meanings of places and objects. My full line of current work can be seen at my web site at