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Chiara Boeri
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artist statement
The Goodnight belongs to Borges universe, and mine. It is the object I would love to outlive me. Giving a message of orderly disorder, colors and shades, geometry and casual strokes, despair and love, darkness and light, and all which lies in between.

The piece was created for an exhibit in Italy titled AMATE COSE (Beloved objects). The exhibit theme was inspired by a Borges' poem, LAS COSAS (Things), which talks about objects around us, that we perceive and feel and remember. They stare at us and at our lives. They are objects beloved and beloved moments of life. So, my object is this patchwork. I thought of it as a white cover when, very tired one night, I fell asleep, dreaming strange and colorful dreams, which all flew on it, composing, The Goodnight.