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Kurt Bakken
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technical statement

My most recent effort, Flight, was done using PhotoShop and Painter. Scanned pencil sketches are often the foundation layers for my work. After that, I rely on the tools in PhotoShop to build much of the image. Sometimes I'll have upwards of a hundred layers per finished piece. In PhotoShop, it is not unusual for me to run a layer through several filters and other functions so many times, so rapidly, that days later I have no idea exactly how I got a specific result. Painter is also a very useful program. I use it for creating textures and the image hose produces some interesting visual effects. This particular piece was limited to those two programs. However, I often use Poser or LightWave if I need a 3 dimensional look for an image.

After finishing the image, I flatten the layers and save it as a tiff file. Having received this file, a service bureau prints my image using the LAMBDA process which performs direct digital imaging to Kodak continuous tone photographic material. This material is then developed using standard photographic chemical procedures. The end result is a transparency ready to be put into a light-box I create for it.