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Stanza Stanza
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artist statement
My idea was to develop analogies for the organic identity of the city as an urban community and make links with electronic networks and virtual communities. The work is a visual collage reflecting on certain themes within our urban consciousness. This is contrasted with man-made structures, as well as patterns and forms of urban design. The spaces are for dreaming, thinking, meditating and transience. The form and content of my work is the visual world of the city and its structure: a visual labyrinth, a maze of circumstance. The city itself is always changing; it is always in flux. Each aspect of city life seems to demonstrate specific characteristics, which can be developed into individual parts of the labyrinth, making up the images that will be used. The city acts as a focus for community and as a territorial boundary to explore the world outside through virtual means.

I use the 'urban metaphor' a lot in the work. I suppose I use it for obvious reasons. The nature of the web as a network has a direct parallel to a real world metaphor as the city. I think of vast utopian cities, babel towers scarred with roads. Not unlike masses of cables, with packets of zeros and ones flowing through their veins. However I have always been using the city as a central motif in my work.

The project itself has become a reservoir of, texts, computer graphics, stills, video and sampled sounds. This all forms a composite, a conundrum, a view of the city experience at the end of the twentieth century. The city itself is evolving. These themes have inspired the making of this piece.