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Mark Amerika
John Vega
Chad Mossholder
Jeff Williams

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FILMTEXT is a digital narrative for cross-media platforms including Flash animation, mp3 soundtracks, experimental artist ebook, and live net performance.

Created in the tradition of filmmakers such as Vertov, Godard and Marker, FILMTEXT attempts to translate cinematic language into more multi-linear navigational forms associated with emergent new media genres such as net art, hypertext, and motion graphic pictures.

FILMTEXT integrates my digital film/video art, digital photography, writing, animation, and sound art into a unique online work of interactive cinema. The work also comes equipped with an mp3 concept album and a conceptual art ebook.

As with many works of digital art, FILMTEXT initiates three separate, yet interconnected, artistic unfoldings: image, sound, text.

The project is currently being developed at the University of Colorado's TECHNE practice-based research initiative under the direction of Professor Mark Amerika. TECHNE focuses on the evolving forms of digital narrative, multi-media performance, and network installation, while paying particular attention to the research and development of hybridized forms of Internet art that challenge conventional exhibition contexts