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technical statement

AffectiveCinema is a video installation that deals with unreflected human reactions and perceptions. The affective content sent from a video gets answered by the human. The amount of emotional response is being measured by sensors and the resulting signal sent to a computer. Each person follows different branches of the non-linear structure of video-clips because of different ways of perception and reaction. Furthermore the parameters of image and sound shown on the video are influenced according to the emotional input sent by the visitor. A camera built into the system allows taking life-video from the visitor being built in real-time in some occasions. The resulting personal video can be recorded and documented on a CD-Rom.

The Installation
The appearance of the installation is rather functional and can be adapted to different productions. For the first production there is no need to hide the technical equipment because it represents the actual physical appearance of the character. The installation consists of two main elements: the sitting and background unit for the visitor and the display element for the technical equipment. Furthermore there is a lamp which guarantees optimal light conditions for the built-in camera. It's meant to be set up in a quiet part of an exhibition hall, with no special separation elements. The minimal measurements are 50x250cm but some additional space for access and ambience is needed.