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Fernando Orellana
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artist statement
A connection exists between the Arts and Sciences which has consistently intrigued students of both disciplines. This connection has led some scientists to make art, believing that their discoveries have as much place on museum walls as do paintings. Similarly, some artists working closely within the field of science believe that their discoveries are important enough to warrant placement in any scientific journal. This marriage of art and science is not a phenomenon specific to modernity. Throughout history there has been a fine line separating where art ends and science begins; Da Vinci, Tesla, and Kandinsky are some examples. In the information age, the artist and scientist are increasingly using the same language, consequently carving out new paradigms in techniques, materials and process for both disciplines. With an emphasis on experimentation and exploration, I too have found my way down this undefined path.

The most recent manifestation of this exploration is my series of drawing machines all of which are examples of my experiments with physics, electricity, drawing and chaos. Each machine, controlled by a microprocessor, is feed random behavior so as to change the quality and weight of line. This behavior allows the machines to have a pseudo-intelligence that can be perceived in the drawings and the machine's behavior.