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technical statement

"After the Hunt" is an interactive installation. On zigzagging clotheslines, stylized translucent garments become video screens.

The clothing evokes memories: day-of-the-week underwear, a pocket handkerchief, a fancy apron. Viewers move beneath the lines amid sound and air currents initiated by their presence. An interactive system permits viewers to influence the images that play across the swaying clothing. Visitors hear whispered prose they can almost, but not quite, recognize. The surface of the clothing constantly morphs from vivid colors to nearly indiscernible shadows.

"After The Hunt" is composed of intersecting lines of clothing strung across an overhead area, data projectors that display QuickTime videos and animations onto the fabric, a support station that houses process documents and hardware, and an interactive station containing a motion sensor.

"After the Hunt" makes use of Max/MSP 4.0 software, a graphical programming environment by Miller Puckette and David Zicarelli, that generates functions for the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). The integration of QuickTime media into Max is accomplished with Nato.0+55+3d Modular by Netochka Nezvanova. Infusion Systems Cube translates sensor impulses into MIDI data. This data is received and interpreted by Max and Nato.