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artist statement
We carpet the landscape in herds, swarms, flocks, and schools, shaping air currents and vibrating to different rhythms. Our paths are a kaleidoscopic fabric. Only humans need veiling, separation from other living things, elements, each other. We pattern our veils with designs from nature and language.

These fragilities are memories of who we've known and who we've been: a baby's blanket, dresses a father bought his daughters. On them play shadows of trees, saturated patterns, flocks of birds, creatures of earth and sea: escaping canvas, monitor, and screen, curving over fold, moving to whispers and wind.

Being sent to hang clothes to dry was a dreaded chore. The heat of the Texas sun was mirrored by its white-hot glare on billowing linens. I felt a closeness to my father pinning up his handkerchiefs and socks. The indifference to my sister could be intensely felt and go unwitnessed, as I was careful not to stretch her elastic waistbands.

rippled colors / draw my passing / retold for yours / upon this veil that separates / always / trapped within / that skin in / which i was within / this veil on which / shadows / and / your dreams appear / your hard swift arrow / smooth and straight / for all that bound / in blood red bleed / are kin to me / we / cannot / be / set free