SIGGRAPH 2001 ArtSite Reviewers
Bonnie Mitchell
Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
Bonnie Mitchell is an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University in the School of Art, Division of Computer Art. She currently teaches 3D modeling/animation, and interactive multimedia (CD and WWW). She received her MFA in Visual Design/Computer Art from the University of Oregon in 1992.
George Fifield
Boston Cyberarts, Inc., Massachusettes, USA
George Fifield is a media arts curator, writer, teacher and artist. He is the director of Boston Cyberarts Inc., a nonprofit arts organization which produces the Boston Cyberarts Festival (, an international biennial festival of art and technology. Fifield is curator of media arts at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA. He was executive co-producer for "The Electronic Canvas" a documentary on the history of the media arts, produced by the DeCordova Museum for WGBH-TV. It aired in April 2000 and has gone on to national PBS distribution. Fifield is the founding member of VideoSpace, a collective of media artists who have organized and presented exhibitions of video art since 1991.
Ian Gwilt
Wanganui Polytechnic, New Zealand
Ian Gwilt is a senior Lecturer, New Media, at Wanganui Polytechnic in New Zealand. He has an MA in Multimedia from the University of the Balears, Spain and the Royal College of Art London. He was a founding member of the 'StarDog Moon' art initiative (with Saoirse Higgins) and has shown art installation work at a number of international events including Milia96 France, the Art House¹ Multimedia Centre - Dublin, Siggraph 98 Orlando and 'Transmediale 2000' Berlin.

He was a member of the Siggraph Arts sub committee in New orleans 2000.
Machiko Kusahara
Kobe University, Japan
Curator and researcher in media art since 1983. Associate professor of media at Kobe University. Became a Net user in 1984, involved in webart since 1989. and 'Transmediale 2000' Berlin.

Her extensive career in this field includes: Art making and direction: Telemetier(Tokyo, 1991-92), Renga (SIGGRAPH94) Curation&direction: ICC Net(1993-94), Museum on the Network(NTT/ICC,1995) Web-related jury: LIFE3(2000), SFMOMA Webby Award (2000), UNESCO Web Prize(1998-99), Ars Electronica(1997-99), Portrait in Cyberspace (MIT Media Lab, 1995), Interactive Media Festival(1994-95), MILIA(1995,1997), MMCA Grand Prix(Japan, 1994-), Ministry of Culture Media Art Festival(Japan, 1998-)
Niranjan Rajah
Applied and Creative Arts, UNIMAS
Niranjan Rajah is deputy Dean of the Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, UNIMAS. He is a reseach fellow at CAiiA. He has curated national and international exhibitions, including Malaysia's '1st Electronic Art Show' (1997) . He is a member of the Board of Directors of ISEA. He was Keynote Speaker at the 'Collapsing Geographies Forum' of the 2nd MAAP Festival (Brisbane, 1999). He is co-founder of 'EART ASEAN Online', a networking hub for electronic art in Southeast Asia. Niranjan's Internet works include, 'The Failure of Marcel Duchamp/ Japanese Fetish Even!' and 'La folie de la Peinture'.
Annette Weintraub
City College of New York, New York, USA
Annette Weintraub is a media artist who has been making projects for the Web since 1995. Her online work has been shown at several SIGGRAPHs (2000, 98, 96), and was included in the 2000 Whitney Biennial exhibition, the first Biennial to show Internet-based work. Her web projects have also been shown as part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, ISEA, WNET/13's ReelNewYork Web, and in numerous other national and international venues. In 1998, she received a Silver Award from ID Magazine's Interactive Design Review.

SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery Reviewers
Tammy Knipp
Florida Atlantic University, Florida, USA
Tammy Knipp is an artist and a professor of Art at Florida Atlantic University. She holds an MFA degree in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MFA degree in Sculpture from Washington University, St. Louis. She was a 1995-1996 fellow recipient of Art Matters. Her work has been shown in New York, Indianapolis, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, and the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana.
Barbara Nessim
Parsons School of Design, New York, USA
Barbara Nessim is an internationally known artist and educator whose paintings and drawings have been shown in numerous galleries and museum exhibitions. Over the past twenty-five years her work has also been featured in many major publications such as Rolling Stone, Time and Newsweek. Since 1980, she has been doing electronic art created on a computer and has lectured widely on the subject. In July of 1992 she was appointed Chair of the Illustration Department at Parsons School of Design.
Karen Sullivan
Ringling School of Art, Florida, USA
Former assistant professor of art and communication, Hood College. Former cover editor, Computer Graphics Quarterly Journal. Numerous exhibitions and workshops.
Joan Truckenbrod
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA
Joan Truckenbrod is playing a leading role in creating a new vocabulary for artistic expression. Her artwork is part of the new genre of art emerging at the intersection of electronic technology and contemporary culture. She has exhibited her artwork internationally. Her artwork has been included in exhibits at the IBM Gallery in New York City, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, Musee d'Art Modern de la ville de Paris, Paris, Les Cite des Arts et des Nouvelles Technologies de Montreal, Galerie Eylau'5 in Berlin and the Villa Chianni in Lugano, Switzerland. Her one-person exhibitions in Chicago were reviewed in the New Art Examiner and the Chicago Tribune. She has been a Visiting Artist at numerous Universities and Colleges, and has given presentations of her artwork at various conferences throughout the US and Europe. Ms. Recently she was invited to give a presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London at a conference on the Art and Cyberspace. She also gave a presentation at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts in Helsinki in August 1994. Ms. Truckenbrod is on the faculty of the Art and Technology Department at the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Peter Voci
New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA
Bio not supplied

SIGGRAPH 2001 Essay Reviewers
Mark Bernstein
Eastgate Systems, Inc, Massachusettes, USA
Mark Bernstein is founder and Chief Scientist of Eastgate Systems. He came to hypertext after a brief career in chemical research. Since phasing into computer science, he has created HyperGate, a hypertext authoring system for the Macintosh that predated Apple's HyperCard, Fontina, Macintosh font management software, and Link Apprentice, a research tool received with considerable interest by the hypertext community. He was primary developer of Storyspace for Windows and of the Eastgate Web Squirrel.
Johanna Drucker
University of Virginia, Virginia, USA
Bio not supplied
Dena Eber
Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
Dr. Eber joined the computer art faculty in the School of Art at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in the fall of 1997. Pr she was an digital art instructor at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, GA where she received both her MFA and Ph.D. Prior to her work at UGA, she studied math and computer science at Colorado State University and received an MS in computer science and a BS in mathematics.
Diane Gromala
Georgia Tech, Georgia, USA

Diane Gromala is an Associate Professor in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture at Georgia Tech, where she teaches in the graduate program in Information Design and Technology. Her courses focus on the cultural and theoretical aspects of new and virtual media.

Gromala's critical analyses of virtual media is informed by her work as an artist and designer in Virtual Reality (VR) and other forms of digital media. This artwork focuses on subjectivity and the corporeal. Her articles have appeared in numerous art and design journals,and her virtual reality artwork has been performed and presented in Canada, the US, Europe, the Middle East and aired on the Discovery Channel and the BBC.

Marjorie Luesebrink
Aka M.D. Coverly, California, USA
Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink lives in Newport Beach, California and teaches writing at Irvine Valley College, writes freelance articles, romances cyberspace, and creates hypertext fiction under the name of M.D. Coverley.
Michael Mateas
Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA
Michael Mateas' work explores the intersection between art and artificial intelligence, forging a new art practice and research discipline called Expressive AI. He is currently at Carnegie Mellon, where he is a faculty member in the Entertainment Technology Center, a Research Fellow in the art department's Studio for Creative Inquiry and a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. Michael's AI-based artwork includes Office Plant #1, a sculptural installation which responds physically to the content of email being received at the computer terminal where it is "planted," and Terminal Time, a mass audience interactive story generation machine which constructs ideologically-biased documentary histories in response to audience feedback. He is currently working on Facade, an interactive drama which uses AI techniques to combine rich autonomous characters with interactive plot control to create a first-person, graphical interactive story. Michael came to Carnegie Mellon from Intel Laboratories where he co-founded GEAR (Garage Ethnography and Applications Research), a research group employing ethnographic techniques to understand how new computing technology fits into people's lives. Michael received his BS in Engineering Physics from the University of the Pacific and his MS in Computer Science (emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction) from Portland State University.
Rebecca Ross
Yale School of Art, Connecticut, USA
Bio not supplied
Phoebe Sengers
Bowling Green State University, Ohio, USA
Phoebe Sengers Research scientist, Media Arts Research Studies, German National Computer Science Research Center (GMD). I graduated in '98 from CMU with a self-defined interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Theory. In '98-99, I was a Fulbright Guest Professor at the Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Eugene Thacker
Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Eugene Thacker teaches at Rutgers University, where he is a Ph.D. candidate in the Comparative Literature program. At Rutgers he directs [techne], a media arts organization. He serves on the editorial boards of Alt-X and The Thing, and is a collaborator with Fakeshop. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Noah Wardrip-Fruin
New York University, New York, USA
Noah Wardrip-Fruin is alternatively Research Scientist and Artist-in-Residence at the NYU Media Research Laboratory and Center for Advanced Technology. He is a writer and copious generator of hypertext fiction. He is also involved in the Art and Culture section of SigGraph. His system, the Impermanence Agent (SigGraph '99, DAC'99), is a fully functional parody of agent technology.