"Yet I exist in the hope that these memoirs ... may find their way to the minds of humanity in Some Dimension, and may stir up a race of rebels who shall refuse to be confined to limited Dimensionality."
-- From "Flatland," Edwin Abbott, 1884

N-Space is an exhibition that takes viewers to a place where ideas and statement are rich and artistic freedom is unconstrained by dimension. The treasures embedded in this unlimited space will encourage the SIGGRAPH 2001 audience to become a part of the art; to explore, question, and challenge their own interpretations and critiques. For this audience, digital artists are continuously looking for new ways to represent their ideas, in thoughts that go beyond labels and into an unlimited digital frontier. It is this statement and representation that N-Space seeks: art works that are not only technically proficient and novel, but also go beyond the medium and into the realm of ideas, a place where the medium acts as a conduit for the message.


We envisioned works of art created with old and new graphics technologies that embody original ideas, works that intrigue viewers and make them a part of the artwork. This could have included digital images with multiple dimensions of aesthetic quality and critical interpretation or digital sculptures that combine graphics and traditional art forms to provoke new thoughts about our future. This could have also included websites or interactive sculptures that evolve with viewers in a way that takes the outcome of the art away from the artist and puts it into the hands of the observer. The art could take the form of a computer graphics and traditional art hybrid, one that creates a unique product with new aesthetic qualities.

The Art Gallery: N-Space will jury and invite these and many other diverse forms of digital treasures that enchant and engage viewers.

Dena Eber
SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery Chair