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Yayoi Yokoyama


Crystal Flower
A digital expression using the computer can create the image which isn't sometimes intended. It is based on such a reason that I have been making artwork since former times. I like a flower and a plant from former times. It is interested in not only the lovely figure of the flower but also the color of the details of the petal and the petal and shape. Therefore, I have been making artwork which imaged flowers and a plants, and making they realistically using 3D Computer Graphics. When I was considerate, 100 and more flowers and plants were being made in the computer. But, the impression of the image of the material is more resistant to them than artwork. I felt a limit as an expression. Therefore, I think that it is necessary make it for another image. I trimmed a part of the image of the flower first, and tried to make various effect. I think real making artwork is thought to begin. It was trimmed, and it tried to make the increase and decrease of the amplitude of the trimming angle change more with changing a parameter. The expression of the flower changed greatly, and an interesting effective image could get it like a kaleidoscope. The parameter of the amplitude of the trimming angle and the angle is changed easily, as for the variation of the image made with changing one after another, it seems to watch a creature, and it doesn't get tired. The flower which 3DCG was used for by adjusting effect delicately not to break that peculiar atmosphere and characteristics and which was made realistically bloomed again for the different image. When I tried to lay them out, "the flower illustrated book" which had never been seen before when the crystals of the flower were collected was completed. It is the image of digital flower illustrated book. The title of "Crystal flower" was given because the flower made to bloom in the computer like the real thing realistically was made to bloom more again for an image like a crystal. Though it is extraction from about 100 was made, each flower crystals in the artwork still keep increasing now.

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