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Jessica Maloney
Euclid, OH, United States
2D or 3D Imagery (wall hung)

Disoriented but not Confused
We are all attached to integrated layers in our lives. Within layers is a transfer of information,along with a process of binding together and tearing apart. We may not always be sure where we belong. Yet, we must realize that admist the interweaved information, beauty exists throughout.

Keys can both lock and unlock doors. While glass lets light pass through it also keeps objects seperated. This piece deals with the idea of holding onto the positive aspects of your life while at the same time allowing enough space for the flow of change to pass through.

This piece speaks of energy and the ability to exist without the constraints thrust upon us. The freedom to embrace ourselves lies in wait. It is up to us to break out of the mold formed by society, family, friends,and religion, and find out who we really are.

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