Live Performance

Eliot Peter Earls
The Apollo Program

Excerpts from EYE SLING SHOT LIONS" is an interactive digital composition conceived and constructed around the Quicktime Media Layer, Max2 and Supercard technologies. During live performance, a melange of; typography, sound, video fragments, interactive digital video, simulated live performance, short films and pop music are controlled via midi and and interwoven with live poetry, sub-urban hip-hop and spoken word texts. Custom built interface elements link Elliott to computer controlled video and typography, through the extensive use of piezio electric elements. Utilizing CD-ROM and LCD projection, "Excerpts from EYE SLING SHOT LIONS" is programmed to be modal. Not only is it a performance, it's a product... a shiny disc full of ones and zeros ready to be taken home the night of the performance, and put into your Walkman2 or your Mac. "EYE SLING SHOT LIONS" is the follow up to Elliott's critically acclaimed CD Plus "Throwing apples at the Sun."