Kathy Rae Huffman

Left Image:
Kosovo (1999)
Steve Guynup, Atlanta, Georgia

This is no game, but rather a careful observation of a deadly serious adventure. "Kosovo" is a futuristic exploration that incorporates both user-defined motion and system-defined animation.

Right Image:
Merzbau (1999)
Zvonimir Bakotin, Split, Croatia

A re-creation of the 1923 - 1936 Kurt Schwitters Merzbau, the famous Dada workspace. An interactive node of the KS Virtual Museum System, created by VanGogh TV for the Sprengel Museum, Hannover.

  Left Image:
netzhaut [retina] (1998-2000)
Programme 5: Lilian Juechtern and Nicole Martin, Berlin, Germany

An online space for non-verbal communication, where several users can access a three dimensional virtual world from different locations. Created at the C3: Center for Communication and Culture, Budapest, Hungary.

Right Image:
Virtual Casino (1999)
Seung-Yeon Kim, Korea Telecom International, Seoul, Korea

A commercial application, that can be enjoyed without login or coins. This NMS data visualization can show innovative uses of a slot machine that acts in real-time with dynamic data.

  Left Image:
interactive space (1999)
Kai Strehlke, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland

This interactive sound and visual space allows navigation and interact ion with a distorted wire frame structure, by filling in planes which can be animated to generate different sounds, creating a sound body.

Right Image:
TeleZone (2000)
Eric Berger, Linz, Austria

A project of Ars Electronica Center and Telekom Austria AG. TeleZone is a telerobotic art installation that creates a parallel between the real and the virtual using a CAD interface within the virtual space and the real space of the Ars Electronica lobby.