LifeScience - Fakeshop
Internet Art Experiments

Eugene Thacker
Rutgers University

The work being presented here is the result of a fascination with the aesthetic by-products of computer procedure. It is a visuavisuaisuaegies of electronic audio/visual transfer (CuseeMe video-conferencing, Realaudio broadcasting and other assorted hi/lo tech tools), we've endeavored to build an electronic theatrical device, to create conditions in which the simultaneous ansfer of digital information can occur in real-time, ie: the transfer of experiential data being collected at a site of production, to remote recieving and/or reciprocally re-transmitting audience participation/collabortional links.

In the live actions, continually repeating the attempt to reveal the relationship between public and personal-memory. details extracted from the media sphere are investigated, dissected, redigested, in a series of multi-media tableau vivants. In the website, there is a remote point of entry into these various setups, hookups, site-specific installations etc. It exists as a window into these actions, and as evidence of these ephemeral procedures.

Recent performances/exhibits include Whitney Biennial 2000 (Internet category), Ars Electronica '99, Next 5 Minutes 3 Conference,, WKCR Electronic Music Festival, and Rhizome Artbase. Fakeshop core members are Jeff Gompertz, Prema Murthy, and Eugene Thacker.