leyfelt.tiff - Screen shot with text showing one frame of the animated blood system from Daddy Liked his with Heart

leyheart.tiff -- Screen shot showing one frame of animated heart gifs from Daddy Liked his with Heart

Daddy Likes His With Heart
Web-based Hypermedia

Jennifer Ley
Riding the Meridian

The web work "Daddy Likes His With Heart" (http://www.heelstone.com/heart/) utilizes text, animated gifs and midi tracks to explore the stereotypes and clichÈs associated with the word and symbol: heart. A "lounge lizard" midi snare track and pumping, animated "heart" introduces each text section, where a play on what a reader would expect to see when told to "Take Heart" or following statements such as "Heart Felt" and "Heart Ache" serves as an introduction to wording quite other than "Hallmark".

This piece first appeared online at the web journal frAme4, hosted by the trAce online writing community.