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Celebration Acknowledgements

SIGGRAPH 98 recognizes the following organizations and individuals who contributed to the collection of artifacts, equipment, facts, and figures for our celebration of the 25th SIGGRAPH Conference.


Louis Fabian "Chip" Bacherach
David Barkan
Gwen Bell
Jim Blinn
Walt Bransford
Alyce Branum
Tom Brigham
Fred Brooks
Chase Chasen
Pat Cole
Geo Cummings
Steve Cunningham
Scott Duncan
David Em
Jose Encarnação
Nick England
Bruce Finney
Jim Foley
John Foust
John Fujii
John Gartman
Brad Holtz
David Kasik
Joe Kranak
Marc Levoy
Carl Machover
Michael Mackay
Art Olson
Richard Parent
Frank Park
Dick Phillips
David Rogers
Judson Rosebush
Steven Schwartz
Earl Schweppe
David Sieg
Alvy Ray Smith
Dag Spicer
Cindy Stark
Randall Stickrod
Oliver Strimpl
Richard Taylor
Edwin Tripp
Andries van Dam
Jane Veeder
Victor L. Wallace
Lee Whitney
Mary Whitton
Rosalee Wolfe


Annals of the History of Computing
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
The CAD Rating Guide (WBH Associates)
The Computer Museum
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation
Hewlett Packard
Lockheed Corporation
University of Kansas
University of North Carolina
United States Naval Academy

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