SIGGRAPH Presents Coons Award to Foley

For Immediate Release
30 June 1997

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(30 June 1997) -- ACM SIGGRAPH announced today it has awarded Dr. James Foley the Steven A. Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics. Dr. Foley is being recognized for his strong and sustained leadership in computer graphics education and research, and for his dedication to the profession through books and his work with ACM/SIGGRAPH and ACM publications.

The Steven A. Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics is presented biannually to recognize major accomplishments and contributions to the field of computer graphics.

SIGGRAPH recognizes Dr. Foley for his books, courses, papers, organizational, and professional contributions that have allowed him to make a broad and lasting impact in the computer graphics field. Dr. Foley was a pioneer and vigorous champion of the science, technology, and art of computer graphics, and remains a leader in his efforts to support and strengthen the computer graphics community.

Dr. Foley will receive his award at SIGGRAPH 97, the 24th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, in Los Angeles, 3-8 August 1997. The presentation of this award will be made by Bertram Herzog, SIGGRAPH Awards Chair.

Currently, Dr. Foley is an executive vice president of Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center America and director of MERL -- Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, a position he was appointed to in 1996. Prior to joining Mitsubishi, Dr. Foley was founding director of the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center at Georgia Tech.

Dr. Foley has been a driving force in the computer graphics community through his career-long work with user interfaces. While at Georgia Tech, Dr. Foley set the interdisciplinary standard for computer graphics and user interface research. As part of this, Dr. Foley integrated computer science, human factors, cognitive, graphics and multi-media design, and engineering disciplines.

As the lead author of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and of Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, Dr. Foley is recognized as an organizer and motivator whose vision helped make these complex and multi-author texts possible. In addition, Dr. Foley has devoted considerable time and effort to help SIGGRAPH evolve into the industry leader it is today. For example, during his tenure as vice chair from 1974-1976, he established SIGGRAPH's annual conferences, including the first one in Bowling Green, OH, in 1975.

Dr. Foley earned his BS in electrical engineering from Leigh University in 1964 and completed his graduate studies at the University of Michigan in 1969. His interest in computer graphics began when he took a course presented by Herzog, which led him to choose distributed computing graphics for his Ph.D. topic.