SIGGRAPH 97 Web Site Offers Online Panels; Personal Online Scheduler

For Immediate Release
22 April 1997

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For the first time, the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site will offer online Panels and a personal online scheduler. The robust site also features attendee-focused information, including online registration, program content, exhibitor updates, and a key word search engine for ease of navigation.

Online Panels

Beginning 5 May 1997, SIGGRAPH 97 will offer at least four online Panels for pre-conference discussion on the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site (

Putting a Human Face on Cyberspace: Designing Avatars and the Virtual Worlds They Live In

Sounding Off on Audio: The Future of Internet Sound

Motion Capture and CG Character Animation

Medical Illustration & Visualization: Why Do We Use CG and Does It Really Make a Difference in Creating Meaningful Images?

The online Panels will culminate in virtual and onsite panel presentations at SIGGRAPH 97, 3-8 August 1997, Los Angeles Convention Center.

Personal Online Scheduler

Available beginning 20 May, 1997, SIGGRAPH attendees can assemble their own personal schedules online. Designed to help maximize the conference experience, the schedule builder organizes selected SIGGRAPH 97 programs and events into custom, day-by-day agendas for the entire week. Attendees create personal, password-protected schedules on the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site that can be modified and printed out any number of times for use at the conference.

For more information, including online registration, visit the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site at:

Or phone: +1.312.321.6830