SIGGRAPH 97 Slide Templates

Slide templates for presenters at SIGGRAPH 97 are available in both Macintosh (Binhex) and PC (zip) archive formats.

From this WWW site:
Download s97tmpl.sea (Macintosh) or (PC).

These archives contain serif and sans-serif slide templates in Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Persuasion formats as well as the SIGGRAPH 97 logo image in BMP, GIF, EPS, JPEG, and TIFF formats:

HTML Format Slide Templates:
Preview the HTML template form.
Download (PC), s97html.sea (Mac), or s97html.tar.Z (Unix).

Though HTML offers less formatting control than PowerPoint or Persuasion, you may find this format more convenient to use. SIGGRAPH 97 is planning to provide direct access from the speaker's podium in each Technical Session meeting room to a local Web server at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

HTML is an accessible slide template format for Unix users (including SGI, Sun, etc.). To uncompress the s97html.tar.Z download, execute in the following order the two commands below.

uncompress s97html.tar.Z
tar -xvf s97html.tar
Via anonymous ftp:
Please use the following information:
Login: anonymous
Password: your_email_address
Directory: cd conferences/siggraph97/slide_templates

The following six archives, which are identical to those described above, can be found in the slide_templates directory. (PC/Windows ZIP format)
s97tmpl.sea (Macintosh self-extracting archive) (PC/Windows ZIP format)
s97html.sea (Macintosh self-extracting archive)
s97html.tar.Z (Unix archive with standard compression)
s97html.tar.gz (Unix archive with gzip (GNU) compression)

On Diskette

The speaker slide templates are also available on diskette for presenters who cannot download them. To request the appropriate disk format (Mac or PC) please contact:

Leah Lair
AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
2233 Irving Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75207 USA

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