Douglas Aberle

Douglas Aberle
Aberle Films
12800 N.E. 191st Circle
Battle Ground WA 98604

Description: Fluffy is a computer-generated, disjointed dimensional dog that looks like he escaped from a cubist dimension. Animated and rendered using Animation Master, a PC based software program, Fluffy was printed out on a cannon BJ-600e color printer onto textured paper, then filmed using traditional animation techniques.

Writer/ Producer/ Director: Doug Aberle
Animators: Tracy Larson, Galen Beals
Additional Animation: Doug Alberle, Cabbott Sanders
Animation Software
Animation Master: Martin Hash
Editor: Tom Sheft
Camera: Tom Sheft
Music: Jon Newton
Theme: Doug Aberle
Character & Set Design: Robin Ator, Doug Aberle
Storyboard Artist: Robin Ator
Rendering & Printing: Will Pickering
Sound Mixing: Jamie Haggerty
Music Mixing: Michael Bard
Sound Recording: Tom Sheft, Steven carpenter
Titles: Marilyn Zornado
Vocalization: Scott Sundholm
Reference Actor: Doug Aberle
Reference Dog: Lucy Aberle
Special Thanls To: Hash, Inc., Will Vinton Studios, Randy Croucher, Kyle Bell, Bob Croucher, Sandy Sycafoose, Mathew Brunner, Bruce Roger, Gary McRobert, Alpha Cine, Martin Hash, Teknifilm, Julie Chin, Jim Mcallistar, Newton Bard, Inc., The Aberle Family Singers

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