Letter from The Director

The Michigan State University Communication Technology Laboratory celebrates technological augmentation of the human spirit.

As individuals we embrace the computer as esteemed accomplice to extend our potential in art and learning, science and creativity, communication and contemplation.

We develop information products which use emerging technologies in innovative ways to address the needs of our times.

Other Comm Tech Lab R&D is more generic, such as the Pathways to Learning: Knowledge Encoding and Retrieval Tool (KERT). KERT is being developed as a tool to help structure and encourage active discovery learning from large, complex knowledge domains.

And some R&D is far out. The Virtual Reality Research CD-ROM offers Comm Tech Lab virtual reality research findings from the BattleTech Center, Fightertown, and Second Person VR.

VR research in progress includes the integration of SMELL into hypermedia, and comparisons of immersion versus desktop 2D displays for hypermedia and VR experiences.

Feel free to explore some of our information products and R&D projects. Check out the bios and home pages of my amazing design team. See why we have trouble making time to go home and get some sleep.


Carrie Heeter, Ph.D.
Comm Tech Lab Director

For the latest about the Comm Tech Lab, visit our WWW site!
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