The 38th International Conference And Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

SIGGRAPH 2012 Space Selection


WHERE: Vancouver Convention Centre, Exhibition Management Office, West Building, Room 108

WHEN: Tuesday and Wednesday, Time slot based on priority points

We are pleased to invite your organization to participate as an exhibitor in SIGGRAPH 2012. This is your opportunity to choose the best exhibit space before the general industry is invited to select space. After the space selection meeting, companies that did not exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2011 will be allocated exhibit space. Please make your plans now to participate in the space selection meeting that will take place during SIGGRAPH 2011.

The exhibit space rental charge for SIGGRAPH 2012 will be $36 per square foot. Contracts received after 1 September, 2011 will be at a rate of $37 per square foot.

Follow these steps in order to participate:

Review the floor plan, application and contract, space selection schedule, and space assignment procedures. Email your completed contract to exhibits (at) or fax it to+1.630.434.1216 before your meeting time.

Or, you may bring your contract to the Exhibition Management Office. The office is located in West Building, Room 108 at the Vancouver Convention Centre during SIGGRAPH 2011.

The day and time are scheduled according to priority points. Please arrive at the space selection meeting at your assigned time. If you are unable to attend the meeting, and have submitted your contract ahead of time, a representative from our office will choose space for you, based on the preferences indicated on your contract, or assign the next best available location.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Space Selection Schedule

SIGGRAPH 2012 Exhibit Space Application and Contract

SIGGRAPH 2012 Exhibit Floor Plan

SIGGRAPH 2012 Space Assignment Procedures