Animation Clinic

The SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival offers, for the first time ever, an Animation Clinic. In this event, industry leaders and masters review student final projects and offer creative, production, technical, and career advice. Between six and nine projects will be selected. Each chosen work will receive 40 minutes of review during three public sessions that are open to conference attendees. Entrants are required to submit a synopsis, a storyline, storyboards, animation tests, examples of visual development, and character design.

The submission deadline is 10 May 2010.

Please send questions and requests for more information to: Computer Animation Festival.

To qualify for the SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival Animation Clinic, each submission must:

  • Be a student computer animation project in-progress.
  • Have been completed after January 2009.
  • Be uploaded at high-quality resolution at time of entry.
  • Include a synopsis, a storyline, storyboards, animation tests, examples of visual development, and character design.

The Animation Clinic is particularly interested in graduation films or end-of-year projects that have substantial development and/or production process.

To enter your work in the Animation Clinic:

1. Complete the SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival Films online submission form (one form per entry) by 10 May 2010, 22:00 UTC/GMT. You may edit or correct the information included with your form as many times as needed before the submission deadline. Each entry will be assigned a Submission ID number by the online submission system.

Submitters must complete the Submission and Authorization Agreement by the 10 May deadline for the entry to be considered. You are encouraged to review the agreement before beginning your submission.

Important: All descriptions, captions, and notes to the jury must be in English. If your first language is not English and you need some help, please consider the English Review Service. Please note that this process takes time, so plan far ahead.

2. Upload your synopsis, storyline, and any relevant written materials in PDF format.

3. Upload storyboards, examples of visual development, and character design in PDF format or JPGs saved at the highest quality possible.

3. Upload a movie file of your animation tests and or animatic with or without sound. You may submit standard or high definition, and QuickTime .mov files are preferred.

Additional submission guidelines:

1. Include a slate with the following information:

  • SD slate
  • Project title (must match project title on submission form)
  • Frame rate
  • Pixel resolution
  • Compression codec
  • Duration from first frame to last frame (minutes:seconds:frames)
  • Audio configuration (Stereo, 5.1)

The above information should be presented in the following order: five seconds slate, five seconds black, and your content.

2. Accepted video codecs:

  • H.264 (must provide bit rate)

3. Any video resolution is accepted, but resolutions above 720p (1280x720p) are preferred. Also accepted: NTSC 640x480 or 720x540 SQUARE PIXELS, and NTSC 720x480 NON-SQUARE PIXELS; or PAL 720x540 or 768x576 SQUARE PIXELS, and 720x576 NON-SQUARE PIXELS

Both pillar boxing and letter boxing are OK

4. Any frame rate is OK.

5. Audio Rate: 48 kHz

Uploading Files

If you have problems uploading your files to the SIGGRAPH 2010 online submission system, the cause could be that your server is behind a "firewall", subject to a system that is proxying https connections. Please ask your IT department if they can disable the https proxy so you can complete your submission. If you have any questions about uploading files, please review the Computer Animation Festival Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find the answer to your question there, feel free to contact the Computer Animation Festival Technical Director. We will be happy to help.

New requirement: All submitters must complete the Submission and Authorization Agreement (formerly the Acceptance Agreement) before the submission deadline. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or accepted.

All submitted entries are evaluated by the Computer Animation Festival staff.

All submitters will be notified of their status no later than 24 May 2010.


All Animation Clinic entrants will be notified by email of the status of their submission(s) on or before 24 May 2010. We expect to have far more submitted pieces than we can accept, and we are not able to accept many deserving pieces.

If Your Work is Accepted

The period of time between the 2010 Computer Animation Festival Final Jury and the SIGGRAPH 2010 conference is very short, and many things happen in that time. If your work is selected, you will be expected to reply promptly to any request for information or clarification from the Computer Animation Festival Committee. It is unlikely that we will need to contact you regarding your work after your notification, but please plan to be available via email during the first two weeks of May, in case a need arises.

Preparation of Final Movie

Entrants are required to submit their final materials shortly before the conference. Details will be sent via email.

Contributor and Presenter Recognition

If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH 2010, registration and travel costs are at your own expense. See the Presenter Recognition Policy for a summary of what you will receive if your work is accepted by SIGGRAPH 2010.

10 May
Animation Clinic submission period closes, 22:00 UTC/GMT.

24 May
Animation Clinic entries notified of status.

25-29 July
SIGGRAPH 2010 and Computer Animation Festival

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