Tissue & Medical Analysis

Monday, 26 July | 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Cindy Grimm, Washington University in St. Louis
Dynamic Hard-Soft Tissue Models for Orofacial Biomechanics

This work uses recent medical imaging segmentation and registration techniques combined with coupled hard-soft tissue simulation to create a first-of-its-kind model of jaw-tongue-hyoid biomechanics, for use in medical and speech research and for ultimately designing and planning medical treatments associated with this region.

Ian Stavness
The University of British Columbia

John Lloyd
The University of British Columbia

Yohan Payan

Sidney Fels
The University of British Columbia

Distance Visualization of Ultrascale Data With Explorable Images

This talk introduces a new approach to distance visualization of large-scale data anywhere, anytime, on any display device, enabling exploration in multi-dimensional space without re-rendering and access to the raw data.

Kwan-Liu Ma
University of California, Davis

Exploration of Bat-Wing Morphology Through A Strip Method and Visualization

A visual exploration tool that helps biologists navigate through complex bat-wing geometries by combining a novel modeling method and interactive visualizations. The work also contributes to a new method for wing-shape measurement during flight, which might be among the first to quantify in-flight dynamic kinematics.

Jian Chen
University of Southern Mississippi

Daniel K. Riskin
Brown University

Tatjana Y Hubel
Brown University

David Willis
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Arnold Song
Brown University

Hanyu Liu
University of Southern Mississippi

Kenneth Breuer
Brown University

Sharon M. Swartz
Brown University

David H. Laidlaw
Brown University

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