Elemental Training 101

Sunday, 25 July | 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM | Room 515 AB
Session Chair: Dan Wexler, NVIDIA Corporation
Bending Fire With Plume, a CUDA-Based 3D Fluid Solver and Volume Renderer

This talk describes a tool recently developed at Industrial Light & Magic for simulating and rendering fire, dust, smoke, and mist on the GPU for the movie "The Last Airbender".

Olivier Maury
Industrial Light & Magic

Dan Piponi
Industrial Light & Magic

Florent Andorra
Industrial Light & Magic

Craig Hammack
Industrial Light & Magic

Creating Big Fire in "How to Train Your Dragon"

In DreamWorks Animation's "How to Train Your Dragon", creation of colossal fire and smoke with appropriate detail, scale, and movement was a key challenge. This talk covers the approaches used to augment extra detail in simulations, stochastic volumes, and processes to enhance aesthetic detail in rendering.

Andrew Hayes
DreamWorks Animation

Ron Henderson
DreamWorks Animation

Brett Miller
DreamWorks Animation

Stuart Tett
DreamWorks Animation

Tobin Jones
DreamWorks Animation

Waterbending: Water Effects on "The Last Airbender"

For "The Last Airbender", ILM developed a system that allowed for dynamic, highly directed, yet physically plausible water simulations. The system augments ILM's existing water-effects pipeline with new simulation shape-targeting controls, visually compelling surface tension approximation, and a node-based geometry-generation system.

Ian Sachs
Christopher D. Twigg
Lee Uren
Dan Pearson
Nick Rasmussen
Industrial Light & Magic

GPU Fluids in Production: Accelerating the Pressure Projection

A novel approach to utilizing GPU computation to accelerate the pressure-projection stage of a Navier-Stokes fluid solver.

Dan Bailey
Double Negative Visual Effects

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