Games & Real Time

Thursday, 29 July | 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Room 502 B
Session Chair: Chris Wyman, University of Iowas
User-Generated Terrain in ModNation Racers

This talk discusses implementation of the terrain system in the PlayStation 3 title ModNation Racers and presents details on how the system's map and brush modules work together to efficiently support user editing of all terrain parameters.

James Grieve
United Front Games

Clint Hanson
United Front Games

John (Liuguo) Zhang
United Front Games

Lucas Granito,
United Front Games

Cody Snyder
United Front Games

Irradiance Rigs

Popular character-lighting techniques in games suffer from inaccuracies with large objects or near-field lighting. This talk present an error-driven approach for dynamic transition between near- and far-field lighting. It also includes a more accurate model for sampling near-field lighting from disks and a flexible reflectance model.

Hong Yuan
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Derek Nowrouzezahrai
University of Toronto

Peter-Pike Sloan
Disney Interactive Studios

Practical Morphological Anti-Aliasing on the GPU

This real-time method of morphological anti-aliasing on the GPU allows the use of anti-aliasing as a post process, based on a new line-length computation.

Venceslas Biri
Université Paris-Est

Adrien Herubel
Université Paris-Est

Stephane Deverly
Duran Duboi Studio

Curvature-Dependent Reflectance Function for Rendering Translucent Materials

A method for approximating the effects of subsurface scattering using a curvature-dependent reflectance function. Since the function is a local illumination model, the method synthesizes realistic translucent materials in real time. It can be easily used to stylize subsurface scattering effects.

Hiroyuki Kubo
Waseda University

Yoshinori Dobashi
Hokkaido University

Shigeo Morishima
Waseda University

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