Motion & Emotion

Thursday, 29 July | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Bobby Bodenheimer, Vanderbilt University
On-Site Real-Time 3D Match Move for MR-Based Previsualization With Relighting

A real-time 3D match-move method for MR-based previsualization with relighting to determine camera work and lighting design at the shooting site. The method is based on advance knowledge of the shooting site, such as geometries and reflectance properties.

Ryosuke Ichikari
Ritsumeikan University

Kaori Kikuchi
Ritsumeikan University

Wataru Toishita
Ritsumeikan University

Ryuhei Tenmoku
Ritsumeikan University

Fumihisa Shibata
Ritsumeikan University

Hideyuki Tamura
Ritsumeikan University

Motion Regularization for Matting Motion-Blurred Objects

A technique to introduce motion regularization to assist in matting motion-blurred objects.

HaiTing Lin
National University of Singapore

Yu-Wing Tai
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Michael Brown
National University of Singapore

The Mimic Game: Real-Time Recognition and Imitation of Emotional Facial Expressions

A real-time system that captures head movements and emotional expressions on a human face, interprets these movements, and replicates an analogous expression on the face of a virtual character.

Nicolas Stoiber
Orange Labs

Olivier Aubault
Orange Labs

Renaud Seguier

Gaspard Breton
Orange Labs

Effective Animation of Sign Language With Prosodic Elements

The first and only animation-based sign-language program that allows educators of the deaf to annotate digital-learning content with expressive American Sign Language animation enhanced with automatically generated prosodic elements.

Nicoletta Adamo-Villani
Purdue University

Kyle Hayward
Human Head Studios

Jason Lestina
Purdue University

Ronnie Wilbur
Purdue University

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