APIs for Rendering

Wednesday, 28 July | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Room 502 B
Session Chair: Shalin Shodhan, Pixar Animation Studios
Open Shading Language

Open Shading Language, developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks for use in its in-house renderer and released as open-source software, is designed specifically for advanced rendering algorithms. It brings together a number of compiler and language technologies to support global-illumination and physical-reflectance models.

Larry Gritz
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Clifford Stein
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Chris Kulla
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Alejandro Conty
Sony Pictures Imageworks

REYES Using DirectX 11

How to use DirectX 11 to implement the REYES approach using not only the compute power of GPU, but also the fixed-function stages of the graphics pipeline.

Andrei Tatarinov
NVIDIA Corporation

WebGLot: High-Performance Visualization in the Browser

By offloading as much work as possible to the graphics card, this approach uses WebGL (a JavaScript API accessing OpenGL ES 2.0 functionality) and existing streaming web technologies to support a suite of powerful visualization and GPGPU applications from within the browser.

Dan Lecocq
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Markus Hadwiger
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Alyn Rockwood
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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