Visualization for Art & Design

Tuesday, 27 July | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Esther Lim, The Estuary, LLC
Visualizing a Classic CPU in Action: The 6502

A visual tour of the chip that spawned the home computer revolution. See all the physical parts of a CPU and how they operate in a classic video game. Learn about computer design and a project to preserve and document classic microchips.

Gregory James
Industrial Light & Magic

Barry Silverman
Disus Inc.

Brian Silverman
Playful Invention Co.

The Universe of Fonts, Charted by Machine

Computer fonts come in hundreds and thousands of varieties. How do you find a font that fits the task at hand? Which fonts are related (or not related at all) to the ones you know well? This talk applies strategies from music information retrieval (MIR) to organizing fonts.

Joern Loviscach
Fachhochschule Bielefeld

Synesthetic Color Scheme in "Fantasia"

This talk describes how a set of pitch, chord, and key-sound tests with 43 sound-color synesthetes was used to map sounds to colors in non-verbal way, and to reveal how synesthetic colors are associated to sounds in “Fantasia”.

DongSheng Cai
University of Tsukuba

Syouiti Goto
University of Tsukuba

Teruki Shinohara
University of Tsukuba

Noriko Nagata
Kwansei Gakuin University

Asako Fukumoto
Keio University

Jun Kurumisawa
Chiba University of Commerce

Nobuyoshi Asai
Aizu University

SPLASH: Real or Virtual?

Artistic collaborators from PROGRAM COLLECTIVE address the creative challenges and opportunities that emerged in designing a multimedia installation experienced by over one million people: SPLASH, a 74-foot real macro icon produced by computer-integrated manufacturing and conceived at the virtual micro-scale using particles, fluids, and dynamic-simulation tools.

Mona Kim

Todd Palmer

Olga Subiros

Simon Taylor

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