Monday, 26 July | 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Cindy Grimm, Washington University in St. Louis
Estimating Subject-Specific Parameters for Modeling Hand Joints

This talk presents a set of techniques for non-invasive estimation of kinematic parameters of articulated joints in the human hand. These methods have been previously published in the biomechanics community, but they can also be used for subject-specific hand models in animation or virtual reality applications.

Lillian Chang
Carnegie Mellon University

Nancy Pollard
Carnegie Mellon University

Multigrid Optical Flow for Medical Volume Registration

The performance of optical-flow algorithms, used for registration of images and volumes in medical imaging, can be significantly enhanced with a combination of parallelism and algorithmic improvements, including multi-resolution approaches.

Ariel Bernal
Ashok Thirumurthi
Intel Corporation

Tyler Nowicki
Intel Corporation and University of Waterloo

Hans Pabst
Intel Corporation

Michael McCool
Intel of Canada Ltd.

Sensorimotor Physiology: Modeling, Imaging, and Neural Control

This talk describes how two fields that are currently separate (computer animation of human-like characters and sensorimotor physiology, which studies how the human brain produces movement using muscles and proprioceptive sense organs) are poised to profoundly influence each other.

Dinesh Pai
The University of British Columbia

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