Volumes and Precipitation

Monday, 26 July | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Room 515 AB
Session Chair: Mark Carlson, DreamWorks Animation SKG
Digital Water for "Avatar"

Detailed description of the full-CG stereographic water pipeline for "Avatar", from innovative fluid simulation through a custom-designed levelset-based post-processing stage to final renders using a modular shading strategy.

Allen Hemberger
Weta Digital, Ltd.

Christoph Sprenger
Weta Digital, Ltd.

Diego Trazzi
Weta Digital, Ltd.

Sebastian Marino
Weta Digital, Ltd.

Prep and Landing - Christmas in July: The Effects Snow Process

Prep and Landing had multiple snow variants in a large number of shots, ranging from gentle falling snow outside windows, to near-blizzard conditions. Snowfall was necessary to help the characters' world feel believable. The challenge was to manage the workflow and complexity involved in creating snow variants.

Ian Coony
Walt Disney Animation Studios

I Love It When A Cloud Comes Together

For the "The A-Team", Rhythm & Hues modeled, animated, and rendered an extensive storm-cloud system at high resolution (centimeters) over a range of many kilometers, using newly developed volumetric tools.

Jerry Tessendorf
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Jason Iversen
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Sho Hasegawa
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Hideki Okano
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Single Scattering in Heterogeneous Participating Media

This talk introduces attenuation function maps for interactive single-scattering estimation in dynamic heterogeneous participating media.

Cyril Delalandre
Technicolor Research & Innovation Centers

Pascal Gautron
Technicolor Research & Innovation Centers

Jean-Eudes Marvie
Technicolor Research & Innovation Centers

Guillaume Francois
The Moving Picture Company

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