All About Avatar

Monday, 26 July | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | West Hall B
Session Chair: Jim Hillin, Gradient Effects
Virtual Production Stage

Projects like "Avatar" pose a new challenge for filmmaking: how does the movie- process apply when many or most of the principal characters and assets are virtual?

Dejan Momcilovic
Weta Digital Ltd.

Character and Environment Lighting Challenges on "Avatar"

This talk summarizes some of the problems encountered during the "Avatar" production process and their solutions. The focus is on maintaining pipeline flexibility and enabling users to concentrate on the art of lighting instead of managing technology.

Kevin Smith
Weta Digital Ltd.

Volume Rendering for "Avatar"

How Weta Digital achieved efficient, realistic stereo rendering of volumetric elements and their integration with the compositing engine.

Antoine Bouthors
Weta Digital Ltd.

Mark Davies
Weta Digital Ltd.

Compositing "Avatar"

This talk outlines some of the adaptations that Weta Digital made to its compositing pipeline to deliver "Avatar": simplifying stereo compositing and stereo-image handling, and avoiding the need to render holdout masks to composite render layers.

Peter Hillman
Weta Digital Ltd.

Erik Winquist
Weta Digital Ltd.

Matthew Welford
The Moving Picture Company

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