International Resources Committee

International Resources Co-Chairs
Scott Lang (USA)
Bergen County Academies
Language: English

Sandro Alberti (Mexico)
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

English Review Coordinator
Matt Adcock (Australia)
CSIRO Australia
Language: English

International Resources Booth Manager
Etta Di Leo
Sun Life Financial
Languages: English

Natalia Aguilar (Mexico)
Movimiento Sustentable
Languages: Spanish, English

Miho Aoki (Japan + Indonesia, Philippines)
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Languages: Japanese, English

Kirsten Cater (Northern Europe)
University of Bristol
Language: English

Alexia Convers (Southern Europe)
Studio PCH
Languages: French, Spanish, English, Czech, Serbo-Croatian

Victoria Crimmins (USA, Canada)
NVIDIA Corporation
Languages: English, French

Wobbe F. Koning (Northern Europe)
Montclair State University
Languages: Dutch, German, English

Yong Tsui Lee (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India)
Nanyang Technological University
Languages: Mandarin, English

Desheng Lu (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India)
Carnegie Mellon University
Languages: Mandarin, English

Patrick Marais (Africa, Middle East)
University of Cape Town
Language: English

Marilenis Olivera (South America, Central America)
Languages: Spanish, English

Dario Passariello (Southern Europe)
Board of Directors, Autodesk User Group International
Languages: Italian, English

Irena Volkova (Eastern Europe, Russia)
Volkova Design, BarcelonaPhotoBloggers
Languages: Spanish, English, Russian

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