Art Papers

Information Aesthetics

Tuesday, 27 July | 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Victoria Szabo, Duke University
Data Portraits

Data portraits evoke their subjects by depicting accumulated data rather than facial appearance. They are artworks that not only portray their subjects, but also raise questions about privacy, subjectivity, and control in our increasingly mediated and recorded world.

Judith Donath

Alex Dragulescu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aaron Zinman
MIT Media Lab

Fernanda Viégas
IBM Research

Rebecca Xiong

Yannick Assogba
MIT Media Lab

Visual Anecdote

This paper introduces the visual anecdote, a rhetoric-design strategy found in many examples of data visualization. It argues that the narratives connected to visualizations constitute a central epistemological element that is usually ignored in information-visualization discourse.

Dietmar Offenhuber
MIT Senseable City Lab

Touching Space: Using Motion Capture and Stereo Projection to Create a ‘Virtual Haptics’ of Dance

This project presents a vision of interactive dance performance that "touches" space with the intentionality and agency of kinematics, and suggests the possibility of new kinds of human-computer interfaces that emphasize touch as embodied, nuanced agency rather than as task-based gestures such as pointing or clicking.

Kim Vincs
Deakin University

John McCormick
Deakin University

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