Art Papers

Design and Computation: Process, Product, Play

Tuesday, 27 July | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Theater 411
Session Chair: Tad Hirsch, Intel Corporation
The Immediacy of the Artist's Mark in Shape Computation

This paper describes a computational system in the form of a curvilinear, parametric shape grammar. Based on an analysis of her traditionally hand-drawn sketchbook entries, the artist-author presents a first-person account of developing a grammar to synthesize drawings in the design language of her evolving style.

Jacquelyn Martino
IBM Watson Research Center

Learning From Weaving for Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Using the weaver's perceptual experience to understand the structural mechanism of weaving, generate rules for performing both structural and aesthetic features of the woven surface in architectural design, and develop a novel, faster, and cheaper assembly system in brick and wooden construction.

Rizal Muslimin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs: A Natural Haptic 3D Interface for Interacting Intuitively With Virtual Environments

This paper describes and analyzes Glowing Pathfinder Bugs, a digital-art installation that uses sand as the only interface component. As users interact and communicate with virtual creatures, a simple form of animal husbandry evolves – a sense of controlling and caring for the bugs.

Anthony Rowe
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Liam Birtles
Arts University College Bournemouth

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