New for 2010

New Conference Dates

Sunday, 25 July (noon) through Thursday, 29 July 2010
Los Angeles, California USA


This new program celebrates excellence in computer graphics by showcasing images and short animations of extraordinary power and beauty.

We are inviting the SIGGRAPH community to submit short (5-15 second) animations of recent work (from the last 18 months), whether professional, personal, student work, or anything.

The work might be:

  • For film: A turnaround of a model or shader
  • For film: A final animation, FX, or lighting shot
  • For games: a game character or level design
  • For games: a killer cinematic
  • Or anything in between

The only criterion is mind-blowing excellence. Period.

We'll schedule 60 of these into a one-hour SIGGRAPH Dailies! format, where the presenters will have one minute each to loop their animations and describe their work.

SIGGRAPH Dailies! will be scheduled early on Tuesday and Wednesday. Start your busy SIGGRAPH schedule at Dailies. Grab a cup of coffee, meet your friends, get an agenda and watch (or present!) the very best of computer graphics in a fun, fast format.
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SIGkids is returning to the SIGGRAPH conference. Veteran attendees will remember the various incarnations of this special program over the years. For 2010, we are tying together many different initiatives that engage our next generation of CG enthusiasts. Specifically, we are offering fun and challenging ways for pre-teens and teenagers interested in math, science, and art to acquire the WONDER of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Look for more innovations soon, as we expand the "People Behind The Pixels" experience.

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