English Review Service

The International Resources Committee's English Review Service offers expertise that could greatly improve the material you submit to SIGGRAPH 2007. A team of native English-speaking volunteers will read your proposed contribution before you officially submit it and provide suggestions to improve the legibility of the text in English.

If you think your submission might benefit from this service, please read the following guidelines very carefully:

  • Requests for English Review Service must be sent AFTER you submit your work to SIGGRAPH 2007. All requests must be sent via the online submission system.

  • Requests received after the initial English Review Service submission deadlines have less chance of being reviewed. The sooner you send your request for English review, the sooner your work will be reviewed.

  • Requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis for each program.

  • This is an editorial service only. We do not modify the content of your contribution.

  • After receiving a review from the English Review Service, it is up to you to alter your submission using the comments and suggestions made by the reviewers.

  • The English Review Service does not directly affect your contribution's acceptance or rejection. A reviewed contribution may still be rejected by the program jury.

  • The English Review Service is provided by volunteers; please be patient.

  • The English Review Service does not alter the submission process. You must complete your submission before the deadline of your program, even if you have not received any feedback from the English Review Service team.
Initial requests for the English Review Service should be received before the following dates:

Art Gallery
29 December 2006

Computer Animation Festival
21 February 2007

16 November 2006

Educators Program
20 December 2006

Emerging Technologies
27 December 2006

2 January 2007

Sketches & Posters
6 April 2007

Student Volunteers
4 February 2007

You may request the English Review Service for your submission ONLY after you have completed the online submission process. All requests for English Review Services must be sent via the online submission system. You will receive comments and suggestions from the English Review Service on a first-come, first-served basis. We will review your submission and give you feedback as quickly as we can.

If you have any questions, or need special assistance, please send a message to the International Resources Chair.