New for SIGGRAPH 2007

Curated Mini-Residency

Two groups of invited artists will be working in the Guerilla Studio in 2007. The first group will be selected based on their roots in innovative, yet traditionally based art. They will be challenged to create work that combines their own styles, interests, and concepts with technology and media that they have little or no experience with. The second group will be chosen to complement the first group. They will represent the various media in the Guerilla Studio, and as they create, they will serve as expert resources and collaborators assisting with technical aspects of art creation.

Located in the middle of the high-energy Guerilla Studio, the artists' ideation, sketching, modeling, visualization, and all other aspects of their progress will serve as inspiration, information, and a basis for interaction with attendees. The finished work that the artists create will be displayed, and the artists will be available for dialogue about the work and their role in the Guerilla Studio.