Guerilla Studio

Simply put, the Guerilla Studio is space reserved for creative output. In the very traditional sense, it is a studio, a place where artists do their thing. Its history is one of true guerilla tactics. It has not always been the well-supported official program it is today. It began when artists forced the SIGGRAPH community to see the significance that they played in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

In 2007, we will pull all out the stops to provide a myriad of technological tools from the extreme cutting edge to the ancient. Not an artist? Have no idea where to begin? We're bringing in expert volunteers who can guide you through the Guerilla Studio and get you started in the direction you want to go. And it's all free, just waiting for you. So don't wait.

Make something.

Rebecca Strzelec
SIGGRAPH 2007 Guerilla Studio Chair
Penn State Altoona