Student Research Competition


1. I have recently graduated; can I submit research work I've developed while I was a student?
No. You have to be enrolled in an institution of higher learning during the time of submission.

2. I am now a graduate student, but the work I am planning to submit was done during my undergraduate degree. For which category do I submit?
Graduate students may only submit work done while they were graduate students.

3. I have worked on a student group project. Can we submit as a group?
No. This is a single student submission competition.

4. Can I include my advisor's name in the submission/poster presentation?
No. Submissions should describe research conducted by a single student. In the case that the research was conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor, a substantial part of the work must be performed by the student, as required by ACM SRC rules. We ask for advisor's contact information because advisors may be contacted to comment on their role in the project.

5. Can I submit work that has been published or submitted elsewhere?
No. The Student Research Competition is dedicated to presenting unpublished student work.

Poster Presentations

6. What is a poster?
A poster is traditionally formed from a collection of individual letter-size sheets of paper, each containing a slide or image, all attached to a piece of posterboard. With modern typesetting applications, it is often possible to create a single large-format document and print it in "tiles" on letter-size sheets that can be mounted side by side on posterboard to form the document. If you have access to a large-format printer, you may decide to print the document directly on a large sheet of paper (which should still be mounted on posterboard for strength). All these options are fine.

At the conference, you will mount the posterboard on the wall of the session space. You should supply the posterboard and materials to attach the paper to it. SIGGRAPH 2007 will supply the materials to mount the posterboard on the wall.

7. What does a poster look like?
Here are some examples of last year's SRC winning posters:

Please keep in mind that formatting instructions regarding poster dimensions and space availability will be announced later on to all the invited participants.

8. How can I prepare my poster?
You can find helpful information on how to prepare and present your poster on the ACM SRC Presentation Guide

Selection Criteria & Judging

9. Who comprises the jury?
Judges will not be revealed until the conference.

Submission Rules and Requirements

10. Will the submission process and formatting procedures for the SRC be the same as for Sketches and Posters?
The online submission procedure is the same. Additional requirements to be eligible for the SRC are:
  • ACM student membership Student status (undergraduate or graduate) during the time of submission.

Awards & Recognition

11. Will SRC participating finalists be announced on the SIGGRAPH 2007 web site?