Student Research Competition

The Student Research Competition (SRC) provides a forum for innovative research conducted by ACM student members and gives students the opportunity to share their ideas and research results with the computer graphics community, by presenting their work in person at SIGGRAPH 2007 and competing for awards and prizes. The Student Research Competition is supported by the ACM SRC and is sponsored by Microsoft Research.

The Student Research Competition is open to all ACM student members enrolled in higher learning institutions, in both undergraduate and graduate levels. The competition comprises three rounds. In the first round, participants are invited to present their poster presentations at SIGGRAPH 2007, in the Sketches and Posters program. In the second round, a panel of judges will select the finalists, after examining the work, poster, and oral presentation of each participant. In the third and final round, three winners will be selected after the finalists present their work in a special SRC session. The winners receive monetary prizes, which for 2006 were $US 500, $US 300, and $US 200.

Before submitting your work, please review the Frequently Asked Questions, and in case you have more questions, use this form to contact us.

Participate in this exciting competition and submit your work for the SIGGRAPH 2007 Student Research Competition!

Michael Cohen