Sketches & Posters

The Sketches & Posters program provides a forum for new and thought-provoking ideas, techniques, and applications in computer graphics and interactive techniques. This program covers a broad spectrum of topics in art, design, science, and engineering. Targeting the frontiers of these areas, Sketches & Posters encompasses ideas ranging from speculation to academic research, from industrial development and practical tools to behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic work. Submitted abstracts describe the work in a single page, but the goal of these programs to is present and discuss the work in person at SIGGRAPH 2007.

Sketches & Posters offers two distinct presentation styles: as either a scheduled oral presentation (a "sketch") in an auditorium, or as visual materials (a "poster") on display in the convention center. Poster presenters will be asked to appear with their posters (and/or similar materials) to meet interested viewers at intervals during the conference.

Whether you are developing new techniques or using existing ones in novel ways, we want to hear from you. We encourage submissions from academia and industry, as well as independent work. Students are particularly welcome.

We realize there are ambiguities in the words "sketches" and "posters." If your work is intended for viewing in a gallery setting, please submit it to the Art Gallery. If your primary intention is to discuss the process or other research relating to the creation or analysis of such works of art, please submit to Sketches & Posters.

Be a part of this exciting exchange of ideas and techniques. Contribute your idea to SIGGRAPH 2007!

We welcome questions about Sketches & Posters. But please, before your send questions via email, review the Frequently Asked Questions. Your question may be answered there. If it is not, use this form to send your question to us.

Marc Alexa
SIGGRAPH 2007 Sketches & Posters Co-Chair
Technische Universität Berlin

Adam Finkelstein
SIGGRAPH 2007 Sketches & Posters Co-Chair
Princeton University